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Photonics Middle East 2024

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - DUBAI, Middle East’s leading International Photonics Conference where Photonics Industries, R&D and the Academia meet, present latest original research work, showcase novel products and innovations and connect to the future.
Organised by Photonics Innovations, Dubai and Powered by Photonyx Global, USA.

Conference Highlights

Special Focus on Health Care and AI, Research presentations in seven focus areas, R&D, Academia and Industry fusion programs, Industry and R&D Innovation Awards, Exhibition, Invitees from 23 Countries, Industry Research Challenges, Startup Funding Challenge, International Funding Challenges, Academia to Business (A2B) Meetings, Young Researchers Programs, Photonics Education Opportunities ...

Ongoing & Ppcoming Programs

School Level - Shoot a Hologarm

Interactive disclosure on laser holography
  • Date Month 2024
  • 8.00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • UAE

School level - Laser Holography

Handson Workshop (2 days)
  • Date Month, 2024
  • 8.00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • UAE

College Level - Sculpting Light

Interactive disclosure on photonic structures
  • Date Month, 2024
  • 8.00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • UAE

College level - Laser Holography

Advanced Workshop (2 days)
  • Date Month, 2024
  • 8.00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • UAE

Lead Scientist

Dr. P.T. Ajith Kumar
Photonyx Global, USA
Ajith Kumar, the consecutive winner of innovation gold medal instituted by the Lockheed Martin, USA, is one of the renowned scientists, functioning in the area of Laser Holography and Photonic Structures. He has more than three decades of experience in R&D, Innovation and Commercialization.

Academic programs

Budding Scientists
Here learning is immersive
Hands-on activities through generations played a very important role in human brain and skill development.
Young Scientists
Fun, spontaneous and deep
Light, the most fundamental realization of Mother Nature is used as a key medium of learning