Student Projects

learning is immersive, fun, spontaneous and deep
Hands-on activities through generations played a very important role in human brain development and skill advancement. Immersive deep learning is learning through doing and doing through learning.
Here learning is immersive, fun, spontaneous and deep. Light, the most fundamental realization of Mother Nature is used here as a key medium of learning

We have core competence in several advanced areas of Photonics. Industries, R&D Centers and academic institutions get profited and benefitted by achieving faster solutions cost effectively. Confidentiality of the research projects and IP are ensured through Non-Disclosure Agreements

A few Innovative Student Projects leading to publication in peer reviewed journals.
  • Optical Image Processing
  • Optical Pattern Recognition
  • Digital Holography
  • Mechatronics
  • Art and Creative Holography
  • Photonic Crystals